The funded activities are in line with the recommendations of the Nordic White Paper for Medical Research “Nordic Potential in Medical Research – Cooperation for success”, and are all strategic workshops or other networking activities, that NOS-M believes will enhance Nordic medical research cooperation. 

The four proposals that have been awarded up to 300 000 NOK each are: 

  • Distributed analysis of sensitive data in a precision medicine context, with applications in psychiatric genetics (Behrang Mahjani, Karolinska Institutet)
  • Clearing the Path to Unified Nordic Precision Medicine (Contact persons: Søren Brunak and Hakon Heimer, University of Copenhagen)
  • Personalised Nordic lifestyle to promote healthy ageing (ProNORD) (Karl-Heinz Herzig, University of Oulu)
  • Improving sarcoma management in the Nordic countries by integrating deep sequencing in molecular pathology (Fredrik Mertens, Lund University Hospital)
For more information contact NOS-M executive secretary Maria Nilsson at