Speakers included Chair of NOS-M, Professor Tuula Tamminen, Norwegian member of NOS-M, Professor Stig Slørdahl, Chancellor of the University of Helsinki, Professor Thomas Wilhelmsson, Pierre Lafolie from Karolinska Institutet and NordForsk Director, Gunnel Gustafsson. 

More than 40 deans from medical universities in the Nordic countries, representatives of its PhD schools, and the Nordic University Association attended the workshop and the potential of and ways to harmonise the Nordic medical PhD education were discussed. The initiative was well received and the participants were all actively engaged in discussing the recommendations presented by NOS-M. Additionally, NOS-M’s latest white paper, Nordic Potential in Medical Research – Cooperation for Success, was launched at the workshop.

Next step

The participants will be asked to prioritise the recommendations discussed at the workshop, and together with the input received during the day, NOS-M will then facilitate a meeting for the Nordic vice-deans of research to discuss ways to continue the harmonisation work.

Read the NOS-M Recommendations

Text and photo: Tor Martin Nilsen/NordForsk