NTA decides to fund six Strategic Networking Activities

In February 2019, Nordic Trial Alliance launched an open call for proposals for strategic activities aiming to promote Nordic cooperation within clinical research. NTA has now decided to fund six Strategic Networking Activities.

The funded NTA activities should have a vision to move Nordic collaboration within a certain area forward and a concrete outcome that will enhance Nordic clinical research cooperation. The proposals should target the main aims of NTA.

The six proposals that have been awarded funding are:

  • Strategic workshop of the borderline research between traditional interventional clinical trials RCT and Real-World Evidence/Register studies
  • Nordic Alliance in Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) – Christian Lodberg Hvas (Aarhus University Hospital)
  • Nordic network for emergency department pain management
  • NORdic uroTHelial cancer REsearch Group – NORTH-REG – Jørgen Bjerggaard Jensen (Aarhus University Hospital)
  • Nordic Anal Cancer Network
  • EUPATI Nordic Workshop – Mirjami Tran Minh (Association of Cancer Patients in Finland & EUPATI Finland)

For more information contact NTA project coordinator Maria Nilsson at, maria.nilsson@nordforsk.org

Call for proposals February 2019

About Nordic Trial Alliance

The Nordic Trial Alliance is a NordForsk project that aims to facilitate clinical research cooperation in the Nordic region. The purpose of NTA is to make it easier to carry out clinical research in the Nordic countries with focus on cooperation on clinical multi-centre trials. NTA is funded under the Norwegian Presidency Programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2017-2019.